Mineworkers Pension Victory: A Coal Worker’s Triumph

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Mr Jon W.’s Mineworkers Pension Case Study


Mr Jon W worked at British Coal starting as an apprentice fitter in 1982. He was employed from 25th October 1982 to 27th June 1993 and was a member of the Mineworkers Pension Scheme (MPS).

An important point of interest in this case is that Jon didn’t transfer his pension – he was approached by an appointed representative of Prudential who said he would benefit from stopping his MPS pension and redirecting premiums to a personal pension with Prudential.

Prudential advised Mr W to ‘OPT OUT’ of his MPS, leaving his Mineworkers pension dormant.

He didn’t know at the time whether he was eligible to claim about the advice or not. However, he was prompted by our Facebook advert to not only question the advice but to make an enquiry.

Although he, like every other Client we act for, was told that he could manage the claim himself, he preferred to appoint us, based on our experience and track record. Mr Jon W did not want to take the risk of making an error by managing the claim himself.


After conducting an in-depth investigation, we were confident that Mr Jon W should not have been advised to ‘opt-out’ and re-direct his contributions into a personal pension with Prudential. The investigation included a review of three files containing 286 pages of information we obtained.

Our Claims Advice Report was forwarded to Mr Jon W confirming what our investigations had uncovered, and how we intended to approach the complaint.  Mr W was in full support of Money and Me Solicitors submitting the complaint to Prudential and was pleased with the level of professionalism we afforded him.  


A decision was made by Prudential on 27th March 2023 to agree with our findings and admit liability for his losses. The process of establishing his losses then commenced.

Although it took a further 6 months to complete the overall process, an offer was received of £229,460.19 on 27th September 2023.

Mr Jon W was not only delighted with the outcome, but also the way he was treated throughout his dealings with Money and Me Solicitors.

Had he not been prompted by our Facebook advert, Mr Jon W confirmed that he would not have made any enquiries into reviewing the advice he received.  

Mineworker Pension case study - Mr Jon wins £229,460.19

If you believe you have been wrongly advised to transfer your Miner Pension, don’t hesitate to reach out to Money and Me Solicitors for help.