Let Down Numerous Times by the UK Financial System: The Tragic Story of Mr. Bainbridge

Industry-wide, particularly in the Financial Services sector, there are more oodles spent in cash and time discussing than implementing ‘Client-centric’ policies.

However, doing what we do for a living, we rarely experience any evidence that all the money spent does little more than result in corporate ‘lip service’ and endless apologies for not dealing with issues in acceptable timeframes.


At Money and Me Solicitors, we act for clients who have been failed miserably by the sector. That’s a fact, otherwise we wouldn’t be appointed, nor exist.

All too often, we experience shocking examples like the one detailed below, where in one way, or multiple ways, the client has been completely let down by the system.


Our late client, Mr. Bainbridge, serves as a heart-wrenching example.

It is hard to find a professional way of expressing the treatment of our client by the Pension Provider.

We have no wish to “name and shame” the Pension Provider but if the powers that be within such an organisation read this post and establish they are the “Pension Provider”, they should hang their collective corporate heads in shame.

In this very sad case, our client died before receiving his compensation award, and that’s even when we informed the Pension Provider responsible for his losses that our Client was suffering from terminal cancer!

 Mr Bainbridge was wrongly advised to transfer his Mineworkers Pension Scheme into a personal pension in the 1990’s by the Pension Provider.

Having seen one of our Facebook ads, Mr Bainbridge decided to enquire with us, and appointed us to act in July 2021.

 After months of obtaining all the available information, the complaint was submitted to his Pension Provider in February 2022.

The Pension Provider REJECTED liability based on information they said they had sent to Mr Bainbridge well before our appointment. However, using our experience and knowledge we challenged this stance and submitted a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

 In December 2022 we provided the FOS with sufficient information to prove that Mr Bainbridge had never received the information from his Pension Provider, resulting in the FOS upholding the case. We also informed the FOS and the Pension Provider that Mr Bainbridge had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

 In January 2023 the case was upheld.

 Later that month and despite knowing of his condition, Mr Bainbridge’s Pension Provider awarded him a lump sum of £33,683.57, plus a yearly, indexed linked income of £1,932.46, guaranteed for 5 years.

 Having consulted with Mr Bainbridge, we then negotiated with his provider to recalculate his compensation as a lump sum.

 Following two more months of liaising with such Pension Provider, their management team finally decided to grant the lump sum payment in March 2023, stating that this would be recalculated by a third party they used to carry out such calculations.

 Mr Bainbridge sadly died in April 2023, before receiving his compensation.


We are now liaising with his daughter, with whom he granted us permission to do so, prior to his death, and hope to bring her, the financial benefit of her Fathers’s mis-sold pension.

To add insult to injury, the Pension Provider has advised, after finding out that the client had passed away, that they would not now be recalculating the settlement figure and would only pay the lump sum to Mr Bainbridge’s estate!

We continue to support our Client’s family and press for the justice our Client and his family deserve.


If this story touches your heart, or if you’re aware of someone enduring a similar ordeal, please connect with us at 01925 859625.
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