Meet Money and Me Solicitors Team

Prior to forming Money and Me Solicitors Ltd (MMS) in 2020, Money and Me Claims Ltd (MMC) was founded by David Miller in 2009 and has since enjoyed an enviable track record in the pension claims sector, thanks to a success rate consistently above 95% for claims referred to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and above 80% for claims referred to the Financial Ombudsmen Service.

Money and Me Solicitors Ltd (MMS) was formed as a result of David Miller joining forces with Damian Allison, who, having qualified as a Litigation Lawyer in 1994, brings a wealth of legal experience to the team. Building on the success and experience of David and Damian, Money and Me Solicitors aims to achieve similar, if not better results for its clients.

David Miller – Director and head of finance and administration

“I have worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years and in 2009 set up a claims management company, Money and Me Claims, to right the wrongs that many who were in the same industry as me were committing – mainly selling unsuitable financial products.

Despite the company’s incredible success rates with both the FSCS and the FOS, the possibility of now pursing justice and ultimately compensation through the courts for our clients makes me very happy and proud to be heading up this team with Damian”.

Damian Allison – Solicitor and Head of Legal Practice

“Since qualifying as a solicitor in 1994, I have gained a wealth of experience as a Civil Litigator in a variety of civil dispute forums including Court; Ombudsman and Mediation settings. In 2007, I started representing clients who had been mis-sold financial products. 

Working with David and his excellent team is a pleasure and I am delighted to be able to apply my specialist litigation experience for the benefit of clients who have more complex, litigious cases to manage and in doing so provide them with the opportunity to achieve a more secure financial future.”

Maria Flanigan – Office manager

“I am the Office Manager for Money and Me Solicitors and I have worked with the team at Money and Me for nearly 6 years. 

My role is very varied and in addition to managing the Claims Team on a day to day basis I am responsible for producing reports on the progress of our cases and making sure everyone is working efficiently and is happy in their work.”

Alistair Burns – Financial Service Analyst

“I’ve been around financial services for years and I know the industry and I know the rules.

So when you tell me what’s gone wrong with your pension or investment, I can quickly let you know if I think you may have been mis-sold or not.

Next, if I think you have a claim, I’ll guide you through the simple steps to get you on the road to achieving the financial justice you deserve!”

Robert Shaw – Business Development Manager

“I take great satisfaction in using my knowledge and experience of the financial services sector, which dates back to 1994, to assist clients in not only gaining financial justice, but also, making what can often be a lengthy, arduous process, as stress free as possible.” 

Andrew Purcell – Senior Financial Services Analyst & Underwriting Team Lead

“My experience in the Financial Services sector spans 30 years and has enabled me to build a vast knowledge in many areas including pensions and investments.

My role as a Financial Services Analyst enables me to apply my knowledge, analytical and project management skills for the benefit of the team and our collective goal of achieving successful results for our clients.

Nothing drives me more than getting involved in a case, bringing it to a successful conclusion and hearing that gasp of appreciation from a client over the phone or reading the huge thanks in their testimonials.”

Carl McGurk – Financial Service Analyst

“Hi, my name is Carl and I like to work at Money and Me Solicitors because I love to take from the rich and give back to the poor.

Seriously, the best part of my job is making those who had pretty much given up on getting anything back for their pension, happy again and looking forward to their future with a bit more money in their pocket to spend.”

Money and Me Solicitors team
Paul Bernard – Financial Service Analyst

“I started work in the Financial Services Sector as a Financial Advisor in 1985 advising on a wide range of financial products including pensions before moving into management as a Sales Manager in 1991.

From there I became an Independent Financial Advisor in 1997 working at a successful North West practice, then became self-employed with my own business until 2011.

I enjoy working as a Financial Services Analyst with Money and Me solicitors as I know that with our specialist knowledge, professionalism and drive to succeed, we, and our clients, have a very bright future.”

Lucia Ndongala – Marketing Manager

“I am the Marketing Manager for Money and Me Solicitors and the newest addition to the team.

My job is to work with our directors to develop, implement, and execute strategic marketing plans to reach as many victims of a mis-sold pension as possible.

Many workers needing our help need to be made aware they have been mis-sold a pension.

So, using my creativity and strategic thinking to come up with ideas that capture their attention and encourage them to take action and claim their retirement savings back brings me great joy and satisfaction.”

Nathan McMillanCase Manager

“My role varies each day. Some days are spent speaking with my clients, providing updates on their claim and answering any questions or concerns they have.

Other days I spend a lot of time speaking with third party companies, ensuring that any outstanding information is being processed in a timely manner.

The thing I like most about the job is that even though we have our bad days like every job, at the end of the day we have helped so many clients obtain compensation that they would never have been able to do themselves, it’s a great feeling.”

Tony Deane – Financial Service Analyst

“My interest and experience in Financial Services dates back to the 1980’s. I have worked in the pension and mortgage sectors with a number of colleagues from Money and Me Solicitors for over 20 years now.

I have joined the team as a Financial Services Analyst in 2021, and my role is to help people establish if they have a potential claim or even several potential claims for a mis-sold pension transfer.

I enjoy working with new clients and helping them achieve financial redress for their losses, a common goal for every one of us here at Money and Me Solicitors.”

Sharon Wright Office Administrator

“I am a capable and knowledgeable administrative assistant with more than 20 years’ experience working in a variety of administrative roles.

I am passionate to support the case managers and customers through their journey to seek justice for their miss sold pension and to win their case.”

Rita Danyadi – Sales Coordinator

“I have worked within the industry for nearly 6 years in various roles.

I am a people’s person and take great pride in building a strong relationship with our clients. Some are vulnerable people who don’t have a voice or have suffered huge financial losses and don’t have solution.

I look after cases from cradle to grave to secure any compensation due. My reward and job satisfaction comes from successful claims and working for a better future.”

Patsy Clare – Office Administrator

“My day to day responsibilities include managing phone calls and correspondence, assisting case managers in acquiring and submitting information as well as working alongside colleagues to ensure all cases are up to date and any daily admin tasks are completed.

It’s a great feeling knowing we have helped clients achieve results that will benefit their future.” 

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