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Financial products and the advice that surrounds them are usually complex areas. You may not even realise that you have received poor financial advice or the extent of loss you have actually suffered as a result. We only establish this after our specialist team of legal and financial services professionals undertake an in-depth analysis of the facts and circumstances leading you to receiving poor financial advice.

A little bit about us…

Money and Me Solicitors

Historically, Law Firms had to be owned by Solicitors. As we moved into the modern age, it became apparent to regulators that, subject to suitable regulatory checks, it was possible to extend ownership of Law Firms to those who wished to join forces with Solicitors to own and manage Law Firms. The Solicitors Regulation Authority through their stringent Application Process consider such Applications to be Licensed as what is known as an Alternative Business Structure (“ABS”). You will see a short biography of the Directors below but in short, they recognised the need to draw upon a combination of skillsets and specialist knowledge to pursue claims based upon increasingly complex financial transactions. An ABS of legal and those professionals with experience of financial services products was the ideal vehicle to meet this aim and enhance and broaden the service and claim options for its clients.

Money and Me Solicitors are very proud to be an ABS authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

David Miller and Damian Allison – Legal Directors

David has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry and has used that knowledge and experience in his current role as a Legal Director of Money and Me Solicitors.

In 2009, David Miller, a qualified mortgage advisor, set up a claims management company which focused primarily on pursuing compensation for individuals who had received poor advice in relation to financial products.

Since that time, David (as part of his claims management company) has managed to secure tens of millions in compensation for his clients who have suffered loss as a result of receiving poor financial advice around pension transfers. Despite being recognised as one of the most successful claims management companies in the UK today, long, frustrating delays with complaints lodged at the Financial Ombudsman Service led him to look at how he could improve the situation for his clients. He recognised that by joining forces with a Solicitor he could give his clients broader options to pursue their right to compensation and damages. Litigation is one option which is now available to his clients, such court action normally being the preserve of Solicitors only. 

Damian qualified as a Solicitor in 1994 and has a wealth of legal experience in Consumer and Commercial Litigation.

In his early years he conducted Litigation for Individuals and Businesses and also had a strong following of Commercial Insolvency clients acting for Insolvency practitioners on major Litigation in both Corporate and Personal Insolvency. Since 2007, he has specialised in Consumer Financial Mis-selling and Personal Insolvency. He has experience of pursuing Financial Mis-selling claims through the Courts and the Financial Ombudsman.

Damian recognised the particular complexity of Pension Mis-selling claims from a Financial Conduct Authority rules perspective and when approached to consider joining forces with David, the opportunity to do so and form an ABS with someone with his track record in the claims management arena and his knowledge of financial services, was too good an opportunity to miss…

We operate on the following basis:

  • We do not charge upfront fees and will always offer to you terms based upon what is known as “No Win, No Fee”. We will explain what this means when we explain how this works in practice and give you examples as part of our Client Care process.    
  • Many of our staff have a financial services background and use their knowledge to ensure a complaint is prepared as comprehensively as possible on your behalf.
  • We use processes and systems that have worked for the Directors in their respective businesses which both have had involvement in Financial Mis-selling claims.  
  • We will look at and consider with you all available options of achieving recovery of damages and compensation in the shortest timeframes possible including Court Action, Mediation, The Financial Ombudsman Service and The Financial Services Compensation Scheme. 
  • We check that an acceptable level of compensation is made to accurately reflect any loss incurred.
  • Our fees are transparent, they are stated in the Client Care Pack that you will be asked to sign and will never change without your express agreement.


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