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Prior to forming Money and Me Solicitors Ltd (MMS) in 2020, Money and Me Claims Ltd (MMC) was founded by David Miller in 2009 and has since enjoyed an enviable track record in the pension claims sector, thanks to a success rate consistently above 95% for claims referred to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and above 80% for claims referred to the Financial Ombudsmen Service.

Money and Me Solicitors Ltd (MMS) was formed as a result of David Miller joining forces with Damian Allison, who, having qualified as a Litigation Lawyer in 1994, brings a wealth of legal experience to the team. Building on the success and experience of David and Damian, Money and Me Solicitors aims to achieve similar, if not better results for its clients.

Below are just two, National Health Service (NHS) case studies taken from thousands of successful cases that David and his team won with MMC.

Client 1.

In May 1990, with promises of better financial returns, Mr Hyland acted on, what has now been proven to be unsuitable advice, and transferred his National Health Service Pension Scheme (NHSPS) into a Personal Pension arrangement with Scottish Amicable. The amount transferred was £5,338.70.

Some 31 years later, and at the point of his compensation award, MMC established that had Mr Hyland remained in the NHSPS, the equivalent ‘hypothetical value’ of that pension would have been £96,032.95. Taking this figure, the lump sum and regular income benefits taken as an annuity, and the value of future income from his annuity into account, it was confirmed that Mr Hyland had suffered an actual loss of £54,651.47.

On 27th October 2021, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) awarded Mr Hyland £48,000 in compensation for the losses he’d suffered. At the time, this was the maximum payment he was entitled to receive under the FSCS rules.

Client 2.

In 2011, with promises of better financial returns and more flexibility, Mrs Walker acted on, what has now been proven to be unsuitable financial advice when she transferred her National Health Service Pension Scheme (NHSPS) into a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) arrangement. The amount transferred was £95,809.

Prompted by her SIPP investment under-performing, Mrs Walker appointed Money and Me Claims (MMC) to review her situation in March 2019. Work then commenced to obtain all the information necessary to thoroughly asess her situation. It was found that Mrs Walker had not been suitably advised and therefore a complaint was submitted to the financial services company who provided the advice back in 2011. 

There followed a series of negotiations between MMC and the company’s lawyers, who initially took the stance that their client was not culpable. Then, in March 2020, MMC received a seven-page letter justifying the company’s actions, yet offering £90,000 compensation! Whilst this was deemed as progress, MMC was acutely aware that by transferring her NHS Pension Scheme, Mrs Walker had forfeited benefits valued at £283,000. Another concern was that the initial offer of compensation had several conditions attached, the main one restricting MMC and/or Mrs Walker from claiming against any other relevant third party.

MMC called Mrs Walker twice to ensure that she thoroughly understood her situation and all the options available to her. Consequently, it was agreed that MMC would re-negotiate with the company’s lawyers to seek an improved offer. On 17th June 2020 a revised offer was received for £125,000 compensation with the main conditions removed. After further discussions, Mrs Walker decided to accept the revised offer and arrangements were made for the funds to be transferred into the nominated bank account. 

Mrs Walker was delighted and even more so when she realised that a successful compensation claim does not affect any existing pension arrangements.

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