Teachers defined benefit pension mis-selling.

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Are you one of the thousands of teachers who transferred out of a defined benefit/final salary pension scheme? If you are, there is a high probability that your new pension was mis-sold to you and you could have lost out on tens, even hundreds of thousands of pounds in valuable benefits without even knowing it – we’ve spoken to hundreds of people who initially believed that transferring their pension resulted in a positive outcome because they’ve seen their pension pots grow. However, in many cases, no-one thought to inform these people what valuable benefits they were giving up. Benefits such as guaranteed income, and their pension being free from management charges.

It’s simple to find out whether you have been mis-sold. Complete the form below and a specialist in financial mis-selling claims will call you to briefly discuss your circumstances and advise you on the next steps to recovering any compensation that is rightfully yours.

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How we can help you make a mis-sold pension transfer claim.

  1. Find out whether you have a claim – we can help you to determine whether you have been a victim of mis-selling and qualify for making a claim.
  2. Calculate how much you are owed – we can calculate the amount of compensation you could be entitled to, which, in some cases, can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  3. Make a complaint to your financial advisor – if they are still in business, we can give them the opportunity to settle your claim without further action being taken against them.
  4. Refer your case to the FOS – if your claim is rejected by your financial advisor, we can refer your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service, something we have a great deal of experience in.
  5. Advise on court proceedings for claims over £160,000 – if necessary, we can commence court action on your behalf for any claims over £160,000.
  6. Make sure you receive the full amount due – before instructing us, many clients believe they can only claim against one company or person. We will investigate your circumstances thoroughly, and advise if you can increase the amount of compensation you receive by claiming against several third parties involved in your pension transfer where possible.
  7. Pursue advisors who are no longer in business – if your financial advisor has gone into liquidation we can still help you claim compensation from the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS). We can help you to collate evidence of debts to the liquidators and if appropriate, ensure that directors’ actions are investigated.

If you or a member of your family or friends transferred out of a teachers pension scheme we can help you protect your financial future by making sure that you receive any money that is rightfully yours. We can be contacted on 01925 859625 or via email at info@moneyandmesolicitors.co.uk or simply complete our contact form above and a member of our financial mis-selling team will call you right back.