Do You Suspect your Financial Advisor provided unsuitable pension transfer advice ?

You’ve worked hard and saved for your golden years, but did your financial advisor, gave you the right pension transfer advice? If you’ve transferred your Defined Benefit or Final Salary pension scheme to a SIPP, you most likely have been a victim of poor financial advice. Don’t let your retirement plans suffer. Fill in our form to check your eligibility for compensation.

Did Your Advisor Make the Right Move?

It may come as a shock but, did you know that, according to a Financial Conduct Authority report, less than half of those who transferred their Final Salary pension were given the right advice?

If you have been wrongly advised by your financial advisor, Money and Me Solicitors can help you claim compensation for potential financial losses – even those you might not realise you’ve suffered.

The importance of keeping your Final Salary Pension.

A Final salary or Defined Benefit pension scheme offers a stable, reliable retirement income that none of the SIPP schemes available in the market would ever be able to provide.

Unsure If You’ve Been Given the right Pension Transfer Advice?

Getting the right pension transfer advice is vital. If you’re uncertain about the guidance you received, complete the form or call us on 01925 859625. We’re here to help clarify your situation and potentially restore your financial peace of mind.

Public sector workers and people working in nationalised industries such as those listed below were likely to have received a Final Salary pension. If you worked in any of these industries and transferred your pension, you may have a claim:

  • NHS
  • Dockers
  • Local Government
  • Civil Service
  • Police
Complete our claim form above or call us today on 01925 859625 to find out whether you could make a claim.

How much could you claim?

Compensation is payable for losses incurred. You may have incurred a loss simply by transferring your final salary pension and investment losses may have occurred if your fund was invested in inappropriate investments.

There may be a number of parties against whom a claim can be made arising out of the whole circumstances surrounding your Pension Transfer.

If the firm that advised you to transfer your defined benefit pension went bust before 1/4/19maximum pay-out from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme would be £50,000
If the firm that advised you to transfer went bust after 1/4/19maximum pay-out from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme would be £85,000.
If the firm that advised you is still trading, but they reject your complaintmaximum compensation the Financial Ombudsman Service would compel the firm to pay is £160,000, if you were advised before 1/4/19 and up to £360,000 if the advice to transfer was given after 1/4/19.

However, if the firm that advised you is still trading, uphold your complaint and agree to pay you compensation without any Financial Ombudsman Service intervention, there is no upper limit of compensation.

There is also no upper limit on damages and compensation payable should the matter proceed via Court Action or Mediation and you are successful in the sense of an award of damages and compensation by a judge hearing the court case, or agreement is reached by the parties in a process called Mediation.