Were You Made Redundant From ACS Dobfar UK?

If you were employed by ACS Dobfar UK (previously Glaxo and/or Synpac) and were made redundant prior to 2013 we need to talk to you as soon as possible.


As well as being made redundant many employees transferred out of the ACS Dobfar final salary pension scheme and as a consequence could have lost thousands on the value of their pensions.

From April of this year, claims may fall foul of time limitations – therefore, please act now!

Money and Me Solicitors specialise in helping individuals reclaim money they have lost due to poor pension transfer advice and we are here to help you get back money that is rightfully yours. Read our case study.


Were you persuaded to transfer out of the ACS Dobfar UK pension scheme by any of the companies listed below?

  • Millfield Partnership (formerly Saxonfort Ltd)
  • Hanson Wealth Management
  • Gainsborough Investments

If you were, there is a chance that you have lost value on your pension and may not even realise until it is too late. Get in touch today to see if you can claim.

Money and Me Solicitors will be holding monthly events at the Half Moon Inn in Choppington (NE62 5TT) where we will be explaining more about your options and the procedure for making a claim. All are welcome so please feel free to come along. Our next event will be held on Thursday 20th January at 7:30pm.

Like Mr Howard below, you could claim back money lost following your pension transfer.

In 2006, Mr Howard, an ex-ACS Dobfar employee acted on, what has now been proven to be unsuitable advice, and transferred his ACS Dobfar UK Benefits Pension Scheme (ACS PS) into a Personal Pension arrangement with Scottish Widows. The amount transferred was £14,620.78 and by 17th September 2021 the value of the Scottish Widows pension had grown to £24,108.06.  However, having been a member of the ACS PS for 11 years, it was established that had Mr Howard remained in the ACS PS, the equivalent ‘Hypothetical value’ of his pension would have been £109,701.28. This meant that Mr Howard had suffered a significant loss of £85,593.22!

On 8th October 2021, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) awarded Mr Howard £48,000 in compensation for the losses he’d suffered (The remaining loss of £37,593.22 is being pursued separately). This was the maximum payment he was entitled to receive under the FSCS rules. Mr Howard was very happy (to say the least) when the good news was shared with him.

This win was with Money and Me Claims, managed by the same people now behind Money and Me Solicitors.

Don’t fall foul of the time limitation – Find out now whether you have a claim.

“I didn’t transfer my ACS Dobfar pension…”

Did you leave ACS Dobfar UK without transferring your pension? Maybe you moved to Angel Biotech and/or Sanofi and transferred your pension from there? If so, we may still be able to help. Click here for more info

We thoroughly investigate and analyse the circumstances surrounding your pension transfer in order to maximise your chances of success and the amount of damages you receive. We offer this service on a No Win–No Fee basis.

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